ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Katherine Stewart will not be able to attend the Colorado Secular Conference. Our super panel about the Good News Club will still occur as scheduled. We wish Katherine a speedy recovery and good health!

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12 responses on “CO Secular Conference

  1. Sean

    This is really needed and I love that the Secular Hub is sponsoring it. Really looking forward to the event and the awesome speakers you’ve lined up.

  2. Kyle

    I listen regularly to The Thinking Atheist podcast and enjoy it immensely. It would be worth the price of admission just to see him. But there are so many other great speakers that this makes this a can’t miss event. Also, it is always nice to spend time with other secular-minded people.

  3. Jesse Bond

    We are eager to attend this conference and will enjoy our trip across the mountains to reach it. We are impressed by the group of speakers that has been arranged and are grateful for all the hard work people have put into making this conference possible. Thanks and see you soon!

  4. David Anderson

    In Afghanistan the “Religious Fanatic” (the taliban) don’t want girls to go to school for an education, while in America, the “Religious Fanatic” (good news club)will allow girls in school, but they only want them to learn about jesus and creation.
    Which “Religious Fanatic” is right?
    david anderson

  5. Georges

    Hey nice excuse to visit a new city. I have been craving another event like this since the reason rally. It better not rain this time! Cheers from Ottawa.

    1. Kimberly Saviano Post author

      Hi Georges, great to hear you are coming out for the conference! I can’t promise it WON’T rain, however, since it is Denver in the summer, it probably won’t be for long if it does!

    1. Kimberly Saviano Post author

      Hi Sean,

      I’m afraid we do not have any volunteers to do child care at the conference. We looked into the possibility but determined it was not feasible. Sorry – I hope you are still able to make the conference.


      1. Sean Gale

        If I bring him and there is nobody to watch him I’m afraid he’ll get bored and become disruptive. Sorry, but I think I’ll have to miss this one.

  6. Fred Migliorini

    What are the “Secular Sevens Dinner Groups”? Sounds interesting, but I can’t locate any description.

    Susan and I can’t wait to hear the incredible list of speakers and to meet a group of wonderful people!!!!

    Fred and Susan Migliorini

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